bitcoin treasure chestGreetings everyone, if you are reading this Aladino REVIEW post right now, it means that you are incredibly fortunate and you are about to learn about an opportunity to earn BTC everyday before the next crypto bull market starts!

In this review, we provide a comprehensive overview of the Aladino Mining project, the people behind it and all the marketing details. Please carefully review the information to ensure that you don’t miss out on the most significant project of 2023-2025!

🤖ALADINO is a startup whose driving concept is to mine Altcoins. By utilizing a unique mining formula and artificial intelligence, we gain the ability to mine Altcoins using the POW algorithm before they enter the market, and by accumulating a significant number of mined coins, we generate substantial profits.

According to the company’s CEO, Michele Domizi, this mining algorithm underwent testing for a year, and the monthly returns during bear markets exceeded 50%.

Aladino Presentation with the CEO

At the present moment, the company is starting from zero, which is why they have decided to incorporate an MLM component to attract crowd funding. The Steinkeller brothers will be responsible for the company’s development.

📍Why does this matter?

The Steinkeller brothers have a highly esteemed reputation in the network marketing world. They were among the top 10 earners in a well-known crypto project, with a volume turnover exceeding 400 million dollars. Currently, they are fully focused on Aladino Mining and are here to build a long-term and sustainable business.

Additionally, this model fits perfectly into the current market. This is because, from a business perspective, it’s an opportune time to acquire mining hashpower due to the bearish market conditions. Miner prices are lower during bear markets compared to bull markets, as bull markets yield profits across all coins.

📍Now, a bit about the CEO. Michele Domizi – an Italian, a network marketer with extensive experience in traditional MLM companies. He possesses a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Being a network marketer, he also excels in marketing strategies. Michele will actively engage in public events and company Zoom meetings, representing Aladino.

There will also be two other faces we haven’t seen yet. One of them is Paulo Musumeci, the individual behind the development of the unique Altcoin mining algorithm. He will be introduced closer to the official launch of the company. And there are several more team members. We will get to know all of them after September 15th.

📍Company’s Goal:

Currently, the CEO states that Aladino intends to raise a total of $100 million and close registration for new users. All users who manage to join during this period will receive returns from the miners until they reach the end of their mining life (4-5 years). In this way, they aim to create an exclusive club of individuals who will own the whole of mining hashpower.

However, it’s logical to assume that after reaching the $100 million milestone, some other algorithm may be created, and the business will continue to scale further.

📍Registration: Aladino will be registered in the Bahamas. The mining arm will be registered in Panama and the mining facility will be located in Paraguay. However, Aladino will not officially accept investments from U.S. citizens. USA IP addresses will be blocked from accessing the registration website.

📍Purchase Mechanism for AltCoin Miners: In Aladino, you purchase NFTs ranging from $25 to $50,000 (in USDT). This NFT grants you ownership rights to a portion of a mining hashpower, which will be acquired for you by the company through mining rigs. According to the company’s mechanics, the first passive income, for initial investors, will begin to arrive only a month after your investment (NFT purchase). This delay is because the funds from NFT purchases are used to acquire miners, and the machines need to be delivered and set up.

However, as the company generates profits, the timeframes for receiving the first income will be reduced.

📍Mining Equipment: The first location where miners will be installed and operated will be in Paraguay. Already in November, we are promised the opportunity to fly there and inspect all the purchased equipment. Space will be allocated for several leaders who have generated the highest turnover. Currently, there is no understanding of what turnover needs to be achieved.

aladino nfts


The minimum investment in Aladino is only $25, with a maximum package of $50,000. There are several important details for investors that need to be understood:

1. Each NFT has a CV (Commission Value). CV is the amount that will be distributed in the marketing. So, if you invest $10,000, the company allocates $3,000 to marketing, and $7,000 is used to purchase mining equipment.

2. Each NFT has its percentage of the mining pool. In other words, the more expensive your NFT, the more you will receive from the overall profits generated by the miners.

3. There is also a 20% mining fee, which will automatically be used to purchase additional NFTs in your portfolio.

4. NFT purchases will be made using USDT ERC20 (on the Ethereum network). Profits will be received in Bitcoins. The investment strategy is to withdraw profits in Bitcoins and hold them in your wallet until the next bull market and the achievement of new BTC all-time highs (ATH).

5. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) here is not guaranteed and will change several times a day. During a bull market, the APR will be much higher than it is now. This is advantageous because, from a regulatory perspective, there can be no questions when the percentage of returns is not fixed and guaranteed.

6. You can sell your NFT at any time on the peer-to-peer market by listing it slightly below the actual price. This way, individuals interested in investing in the project can purchase it from you, obtaining a discount on entry, while you can secure your initial investment.
7. When you purchase a larger quantity of NFTs, you will advance in qualification within the partner program, but your returns will remain the same as the category of NFTs you selected. In other words, if you buy 10 NFTs for $1,000 each, your percentage of returns will be based on the $1,000 NFTs, but your total investment will be $10,000. Therefore, it is more advantageous to buy a single NFT for $10,000 right away to achieve a higher passive income.

In summary:
✅ Investment range: $25 – $50,000
✅ Returns begin after one month
✅ Returns will be credited in BTC daily, with no lock-ins or freezes
✅ No income limits
✅ Returns range from 0.2% to 0.6% (on the highest package)
✅ An ideal opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin
✅ NFTs can be sold at any time on the peer-to-peer market. When you sell an NFT, all associated income transfers to the new owner (income and bonus returns are transferred).


aladino nft example

The annual interest rate is provided for illustration purposes only. The annual interest rate may vary depending on the mining pool rewards. The presentation of the example does not guarantee the profitability of investments.

If you purchase an NFT for $5,000, and the percentage from the mining pool is 60%, as indicated in the table above, and for example, the annual interest rate is 300%, then the APR equivalent to USDT is $9,000 (60% of 300% = 180%).

In other words, with such an APR, you should earn $9,000 over the course of a year. Subtracting the 20% commission ($1,800 USDT), you will have a clear profit for the year.

So, by investing $5,000, you will earn $7,200 in a year and can sell your NFT on the peer-to-peer market!

📍Partner Program:

  1. Ranks and Qualification Conditions.
aladino ranks

Achieving ranks in Aladino will grant you more depth in the second type of income and instant bonuses for reaching each rank.

Qualification conditions for reaching ranks:

1️⃣ You can start your business with an investment of $25 and already reach Rank 1.
2️⃣ To achieve Rank 2, you need to increase your deposit to $250, generate a team turnover of $2,500 (this does not necessarily have to be personally invited individuals; it’s the total volume of your team), and this volume should not exceed 60% in one leg. In other words, you need to expand your first line.
3️⃣ Rank 3 Personal deposit: $1,000 Team turnover: $10,000 Percentage in one leg: 60% And so on, in accordance with the table provided above.

🤑 Rank Bonuses:
1- 0 USDT
2- 100 USDT
3- 400 USDT
4- 2,000 USDT
5- 8,000 USDT
6- 20,000 USDT
7- 40,000 USDT
8- 80,000 USDT

📍2. Unilevel marketing plan with infinite depth. The most STABLE marketing plan in network marketing. This is the marketing plan that the longest-running businesses operate with, and ALADINO’s marketing plan allows for significant earnings.

aladino unilevel bonuses

Starting from each rank, we receive a bonus – a direct commission from the CV of the packages purchased within our team (CV – as explained in the investor’s description above).

💡 Let’s provide an earnings example if someone in your first line purchases an NFT for $5,000. CV = $2,000 (as per the table for investors) Through the partner program, we receive a 10% commission on CV. So, you receive 10% of $2,000 = $200. (THIS BONUS IS PAID OUT INSTANTLY IN USDT)

In addition to this commission, you will also earn 10% each time from the automatic reinvestment of 20% daily returns. In other words, you can say you receive residual income, and you will continue to receive it as long as your partners receive daily passive income.


Your partner earns $100 in daily returns. Automatically, 20% (mining fees) of this income goes towards purchasing miners, and you will receive 10% of the mining fees. In other words, 10% of $20 = $2 daily until the mining equipment becomes inactive.

♻️ IMPORTANT: Please note that starting from Rank 5, you have an infinite depth for this type of bonus! Let’s provide an earnings example if you’ve attracted $1 million into your first line, each investing $10,000. So, you have a structure of 100 individuals who have invested $10,000 each.

        1. Direct Commission: CV on $10,000 = $3,000. So, for this bonus category, you will earn 300 USDT * 100 = 30,000 USDT.
        2. Rank Bonuses: By achieving a turnover of $1 million, you will reach Rank 6, assuming you invested $10,000. That’s $50,500.
        3. Residual Income: It’s not possible to calculate residual income precisely because the APR will change. However, we’ll try to estimate it. For example, APR = 300%. On the $10,000 package, you receive 70% of APR (in USDT) = $21,000. Subtracting the 20% mining fees, you get $16,800 USDT as your partner’s annual profit. You will earn 10% of the mining fees. So, 10% of $4,200 = $420. Multiply it by 100 to get $42,000.

🚀 In total, your estimated cumulative income will be: 30,000 + 50,500 + 42,000 = $122,500.


Partner registration will begin on September 15, and the opportunity to purchase NFTs will only be available at the beginning of October. So, you have an excellent opportunity to make the right arrangements and strengthen your first line with leaders in this industry.


We have a unique opportunity to participate in a global project with its roots originating from Italy. The project’s marketing is managed by very experienced network marketers who know how to build a real and successful business. The company is registered at the highest level (Switzerland/America). Proof of installed mining equipment will be provided with possible visitation tours to be announced in the future.

Earning passive income in Bitcoin is an excellent way to grow your Bitcoin portfolio before the bull market and potentially multiply your initial investment in ALADINO Mining by tens of times during the bull market. The most stable marketing plan allows the company to work in the long term and retain project leaders because this marketing plan is highly profitable.

Recommended investment amount: up to 20% of your capital.

Remember that we are investing in businesses that are just starting their development, and investments in such businesses are highly risky. There are no guarantees of success, risk of capital are 100%. However, if you carefully study the project, you will see opportunities for yourself!